A Big City or a Suburb?

by Emel, a New York City resident (originally from Turkey)                                

What would be the greatest side of living in a crowded, noisy, air polluted city? Or vice versa, what would be the most enjoyable side of living in a suburb where there were no big movie theaters, interesting museums and art galleries, or huge shopping centers? Considering the two options according to two different states –being single or married with children– I would say my preference would change according to my marital status.

Since I am single, I can say that I can still stand for traffic jam, terrible noise, crowded sidewalks, or supermarkets’ long lines of a big city, because there are a lot of attractions in big cities, on the other hand. If you live in a big city and are a social person, it is impossible to be bored. You can easily find an activity which you could be interested in. The best part or the part which, in my opinion, allures people mostly is that the big cities can offer a person a very wide range of options with everything, from shopping to health or education services. If you do not like the menu in a restaurant, you have another choice just at the next door.

On the other hand, if I were married and had children I would prefer to live in a suburb. First of all, living in a quieter environment without less rush gives you a comfort on “time”, which would mean that you could have more time for everything, including your family and children. Living a quiet life without the stress that a big city can cause makes a person more relaxed whether he or she is an adult or a child. Additionally, living in a suburb would be healthier, especially for the children because the environment there is less dirty and more natural than the cities.

As a conclusion, as long as I live by myself I would prefer to live in a big city to use all the good opportunities that it can offer, by ignoring its hard and even sometimes harmful conditions. However, if I live as a family with the kids, I would prefer to live in a suburb for the health and peace of the family, especially of the children.

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