Internet in Our Life

by Lesya, a new immigrant in NYC

The Internet is one of the biggest achievements of the last century. The predominance of computers and the Internet has changed our life immensely. A big part of real life has been co-opted by the World Wide Web, but does it have only positive aspects or maybe thought must be given as to how to use this discovery of the century? Along with the positive aspects, the Internet has a lot of potential negatives.

The Internet brings to our lives new wave of accessibility, speed, information sharing, social networking, skype, google etc., but it also brings such negative things as viruses and spam, hacker attacks and exposure to personal information.

For sure, Internet resources are very important for us. For example, now we have an easy way to find information, the ability to connect with people all over the world, and the ability to develop businesses. Moreover, Internet resources help us study; it provides a lot of learning programs and helps people with disabilities to get an education. But students sometimes abuse this capacity.

A new era of computers and the Internet requires a new understanding of human potential, perhaps a more an innovative human potential that includes top notch skills, higher levels of education, and new thinking.

Certainly, we all need to use the Internet, but how we use it depends upon each individual.


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