Job Search like Running a Start-Up Company

by Tanzilya, ARNIC/ESU

At some point a job seeker starts feeling like he or she has hit a wall. Tried almost everything, still no progress in job search.  But there are more tricks in the book, as the job search book is being updated every day.

Recently a group of skilled immigrants have gathered together to learn some new tips and approaches to the modern job search. From April till June we have been reading The Start-up of You (, a new book from a founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman and an entrepreneur Ben Casnocha.

Reading chapter after chapter we discussed how to be an entrepreneur, how to run your job search as a business, and how to acquire a mindset of a permanent beta.

The main ideas discussed were around these topics: how to fit your assets, your aspirations and values and market reality together; how to define your competitive advantage; how to think about Plan A, Plan B and… Plan Z (when everything fails, you still have something to fall on). And, of course, we talked a lot about networking: allies, weaker ties and acquaintances – how to develop and cultivate your network; how to welcome randomness and court serendipity (the word’s meaning itself encouraged a heated discussion); how to pull intelligence from your network.

In the end, the practical lessons from Start-up of You book reading and discussions are, in my opinion, are: we understand the need to curate our professional network of contacts more; we think about smart questions to ask to get the information we need from every new and old contact; we are ready to change the career plan in response to new opportunities, ideas, market developments, and most importantly, we will allow more randomness to our information gathering in search of new and  unknown opportunities relevant to our skills and aspirations.

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