We commonly hear that artists tend to be intuitive

By Genevieve


I would agree with this statement if we define the intuition as a knowledge and experience we carry inside and not a supernatural ability that only some of us have and what from nowhere.

This intuition due to the knowledge and experience is the result of our ancestors’ stories that we carry inside added by our own knowledge that we have learnt since we were born.

I also believe that this intuition is related to an instinct human being that everybody carries inside but we may not use or follow because of the fact that we also have a brain. The brain and its ability to have a reflection could interfere with the intuition.

The good part of our modern and speed society is that to be able to follow it, we have to use our intuition. A lack of time to elaborate a thought forces us to return to a more primitive behavior.

Artists have in addition to the intuition a special cosmic connection, in other worlds a spiritual connection, with elements what able them to create.

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