Subsidized and Public Housing in New York

To find affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges in New York.  NYC is a very expensive city to live in. There are some programs for low-income and middle-income families, but waiting lists are usually very long. There are also lotteries for affordable housing, and to apply you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. See more information below.


What Is It & Where Can You Find It?

Subsidized Housing includes Mitchell-Lama middle-income apartments, low-income Public Housing under the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA), and apartments financed with Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers administered by NYCHA and the NYC Department of Housing Development & Preservation (HPD). In general, public housing is reserved for low income families and there is a long waiting list. However, depending on your family’s characteristics and where you want to live, the waiting list may be shorter.

Additional Affordable Housing – Check out HPD’s affordable housing page for a listing of new developments. The NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC) sponsors middle income housing as well. Also visit the NYC Affordable Housing Resource Center, which offers information on all aspects of City housing, including renting an apartment, buying a home, affordable housing lottery listings, apartment maintenance issues and more. In addition, make sure to visit NYC Housing Connect, a web portal that allows you to search and apply for affordable housing opportunities in New York City. On the site, you can learn how to apply for affordable housing; view current and upcoming housing opportunities; and apply to housing options for which you may qualify. Finally, the Furman Center offers a comprehensive Directory of New York City Affordable Housing Programs.

Privately Owned Housing – HPD also has a number of affordable housing programs for developers and aspiring homeowners, including: Partnership New Homes/Neighborhood Builder, StoreWorks and HomeWorks, as well as various tax abatements and exemptions.

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