Food and New York City II

English-learners, recent New Yorkers write about food in New York. Collection of stories from the De Gustibus column in #TheARNICObserver.

From The ARNIC Observer, Spring 2014

Chicken for Every Belly
by Evgeny Salkin

A place with unbelievably good chicken exists in New York and its name is Chirping Chicken. It appears the chicken has crossed the road in order to become charcoal broiled and served to hungry customers at a reasonable price.

When you hear about Chirping Chicken for the first time you might be skeptical and think it’s just another place to eat, but when you try the food you’ll be surprised how good it is. It has an “A” rating for cleanliness. It’s a restaurant where you can build your meal by specifying whatever you want. You can get a quarter, half or whole chicken with either all white or dark meat or a combination of both. Each meal comes with pita bread, soda, and a choice of side order – from French fries and rice to coleslaw and Spanish beans. Nothing beats tender grilled chicken with mixed vegetables and pita bread.

If you aren’t hungry for chicken, there are other choices. They include baby back ribs, burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, steaks, or even seafood. If you are still hungry after all that you can have dessert.
Greek specialties make up a large portion of the menu, providing you with delicious options like gyro sandwiches, souvlaki, beef filet platters, and lamb chops. You can customize Greek selections with your choice of several different side orders. The tastiest dish in this category is the lamb gyro sandwich. Lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and tzatziki sauce—a yogurt and dill condiment—make it juicy and yummy!

For those who are planning a party with plenty of food, catering services are available. The kids are not forgotten–they can find what they like on Chirping’s kids menu. No doubt everybody will be happy and full.

Chirping Chicken has a few locations in Manhattan with the nearest one to the ESU at Grand Central. It is located at 89 East 42nd street in the Dining Concourse on the lower level of the station. For your convenience you can eat in, get take out, or have your meal delivered.


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